Injection Nozzle Installation

Injection Nozzle Installation
  • Turn off chemical feed pump. Install thread or teflon compound to 1/2" or 3/4" NPT end of male half. Thread male half nozzle into pipe line at determined location #2 using crescent wrench. Tighten to a snug fit.
  • Connect chemical feed line to tube fitting #4 while holding # 3. Insert the tubing through the back of the nut all the way through the nut assembly to the tube stop in the fitting body. (See illustration bottom right). If the tubing does not enter the nut easily, loosen the nut one turn and then insert the tubing all the way to the tube stop.
  • To couple male and female nozzles together pull back on outer ring #1 on female half and insert onto male half, push to lock in place.
  • Turn the nut hand tight.
  • Wrench tighten the nut 1-1/2 – 2 turns.
  • Restart chemical feed pump and check for leaks. All nuts should be retightened when the system reaches projected operating pressure.
  • To disconnect pull outer coupling ring #1. Unit will disconnect and poppet valves will seal, preventing loss of fluid. Make sure the chemical feed pump is turned off before disconnecting the Quick Release Coupling. To reconnect follow instruction (3).
Note: A pipe wrench is not recommended for use on PVC units.
Injection Nozzle Manual